Employment Affairs

BESA Consult’s team of employment specialists aim to offer companies a cost effective, personalised and confidential employment law and human resources employment consultancy service.

Working with individual companies to understand their specific employment requirements, BESA Consult can offer a cost effective, flexible solution to short-term or ongoing human resources issues.

Our services

HR Audits

A HR audit is an invaluable tool available to employers to review their current human resource function and compliance with employment law. The Building Engineering Services Association offers its members two user-friendly HR audit tools to complete a snapshot assessment of their people processes.

In addition, BESA Consult can provide a full audit service for members and non-members. Our team will:

  • objectively review all vital areas of the human resource function;
  • provide feedback on current processes;
  • work with your business to ensure you are compliant with legislation;
  • highlight areas for improvements or adjustments;
  • provide tailor-made, sustainable solutions.

Workplace Mediation

Mediation is an effective form of dispute resolution that members can utilise to help resolve disputes or conflict quickly and cost effectively.

Employers need to be mindful that ‘conflict’ does not necessarily have to mean a serious incident as different severities of ‘conflict’ can occur on a daily basis. Scenarios such as those listed below are not uncommon causes of conflict:

  • A comment made by one party that caused offence to another
  • A disagreement regarding the cause of a mistake or missed deadline
  • A personality clash
  • A break-down in relations
  • Ongoing issues after a grievance procedure. 

BESA Consult provides two services; in-house training on mediation and an in-house mediation service.

Our in-house mediation training is a training programme which has been developed to give people the skills required to undertake informal mediation within their organisation. There are no pre-requisites to undertaking the training and we provide a fully comprehensive schedule to equip delegates with the skills and tools required to master the art of informal mediation.

Our in-house mediation service is designed to help resolve disputes in the workplace involving two or more employees, quickly and cost effectively whilst maintaining confidentiality. A fully trained, impartial mediator will engage with both parties and manage the whole mediation process from start to finish.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Workplace mediation not only reduces the number of workplace issues, but can have a positive effect on staff morale and turnover as employees believe employers are willing to deal with their issues and listen to their staff.

BESA Consult’s mediation service will:

  • provide a safe, confidential and voluntary platform for those involved to openly discuss their disagreement in an open and calm environment;
  • help the parties to communicate what they need to say in a way that each side will feel truly heard. After all, the key to success is communication;
  • help the parties to work towards a mutual resolution;
  • facilitate an agreement and future ways of working;
  • provide a follow-up service with parties involved in mediation.

BESA Consult employment affairs services are available to BESA members and non-members.

BESA members are eligible to receive a 30% discount on BESA Consult’s employment affairs services.